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How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts?

As a WordPress user, you may note that there’s no direct option to create a new table. So, How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts and Pages?

This isn’t just your problem or just your site problem, no WordPress site has a table button.

How to add tables in WordPress posts and pages?

To add tables in WordPress Posts and Pages you need to use a plugin. There are two excellent plugins that can help. The first plugin lets you create a table with a special editor. That means you won’t even need to look at any code. The second plugin is better for tables that need visual appeal and variety.

First plugin TablePress:

To create a new table you need to install and activate TablePress plugin,  After activating TablePress, you’ll find a new top-level menu added to your admin dashboard.

  • To add a new table to your site, click  Add New, you will turn to a new page where you can choose table’s number of rows and columns you need, you can always add/remove columns and rows from your table when entering data or by editing the table later.
  • Click the Add Table button when you are done.
  • Creating the table gives you access to the full table editor where you’ll enter your data.
  • Now the table is ready and you can add it to any post.

Using TablePress gives you a nice interface for creating and modifying tables without touching any code. Abd any table you create isn’t tied down to a single post or page. you can reuse them anywhere on your site.

Second Create and Add Tables in WordPress Posts with WP Table Builder:

WP Table Builder is excellent for creating product comparison tables, employee schedules, and even restaurant menus.

  • Install  WP Table Builder. Once installed, you’ll find a new Table Builder menu added to your dashboard.
  • Clicking the “Add New” button reveals the drag-and-drop interface where you can construct your table.

  • There are five different content types that you can drag-and-drop any of those elements into any cell in the table. After choosing how many columns and rows you want.
How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts?
How to Add Tables in WordPress Posts?

This Is an easy quick method to create any table in WordPress.


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