How to Add a Co-Host to Zoom Meetings?

A co-host is a good option that allows you to share host privileges with one of Zoom meeting participants. this function would be useful with large meetings that contain many people.

the co-host can manage the meeting with the main host and take some of the workloads like managing participants and screen sharing. to learn how to add a co-host to a Zoom meeting, just continue reading.

How to add a co-host to a Zoom meeting?

Before adding a co-host to your meetings, you need to enable this option from the settings.

  • Open Zoom on the web, sign in to your account and head over to the settings.

  • You’ll now be in the Meeting tab of the Settings menu. Here, scroll down until you find the “Co-Host” option.
  • Toggle on the slider next to the “Co-Host” option to enable Zoom’s co-host feature.

Now you can add a co-host to upcoming meetings.

Add a co-host to a meeting

  • Select the “Manage Participants” button at the bottom of the conference call window during a Zoom call.
How to add a co-host to a Zoom meeting?
How to add a co-host to a Zoom meeting?
  • Choose the participant you wish to make the co-host and select the “More” option.

  • You will see a small menu, select “Make Co-Host.”

  • A confirming message will appear. Select “yes” to make the name you choosed a co-host with you.

The co-host has the same in-meeting controls as the host. However, a co-host can’t start meetings scheduled by the host.

How to remove the co-host?

  • If you want to remove a co-host, head to the co-host’s name.
  • Click the “More” option
  • And then select “Withdraw Co-Host Permission” from the menu.
How to remove the co-host?
How to remove the co-host?
  • Now, this participant can’t control the meeting with the host.

Note: you can make more than one participant co-host at the same meeting with the same method and remove them with the same removing method.


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