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How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress?

Adding Facebook comments to your site instead of native WordPress comments can be an advantage for your website, so if you want to get it just keep reading.

If you added Facebook comments to WordPress, this can increase the interaction with your posts as most people will already be signed into Facebook and can leave a comment without needing to input any information like the native WordPress comments form.

Also, it will give you a chance to boost your social shares because visitors can easily share their comments with their Facebook friends.

And of course, F.B comments will reduce normal WordPress comment spam because most people are targeting native WordPress comments.

But on the other side, there are some things you may not like:

  • Will make it harder for any of your users who don’t already have a Facebook account
  • Might make people a little more self-conscious about leaving a comment because it’s tied to their real profile.
  • Won’t integrate with your existing native comments if you’re adding Facebook comments to an established site. So old posts will either display native comments alongside Facebook comments, or you’ll have to hide all the native comments on old posts.

How to add Facebook comments to WordPress?

There are many plugins to help you add Facebook comments, but we will use “Lazy FB Comments“.

To start, install, and activate the plugin.

Step 1: Create Facebook Application

No matter which Facebook comments plugin you choose, you’re going to have to create your own Facebook Application ID in order to use it. This App ID is what allows you to actually connect your site to Facebook.

To create your App ID, head to the Facebook Developers site. As long as you’re logged into your regular Facebook account, you should see the button to Add a New App:

How to add Facebook comments to WordPress?
How to add Facebook comments to WordPress?

Give it a name, like “Comments for ‘Site’” and click Create App ID:

Then, copy the APP ID from the top:

Step 2: Add Facebook App ID To Lazy Facebook Comments

Now, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Settings → Lazy FB Comments.

Paste your App ID into the FB Application ID box and save your settings:

And now you have working Facebook comments on your WordPress site!


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