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How to Add Google Fonts to WordPress?

When we talk about Website customization the first thing that comes up to your mind is fonts. Yes, that’s right adding custom fonts to your WordPress theme is the easiest way to set your website apart from others. And today we will focus on Google Fonts.

Adding Google Fonts to your WordPress theme will help you to customize your site and radiate your style.

There are more than 800 fonts available in different styles, sizes, and strengths. You can try and choose between them for free. Keep reading to know how?

How to add Google Fonts to your WordPress?

There are two ways to add Google fonts to your WordPress site; you can either install a plugin that manages your site’s font or opt for the local hosting of Google Fonts.

On the upcoming lines, we are going to show you how to install Google Fonts to your WordPress site using some of the best plugins you can use.

How to add Google Fonts to your WordPress?
How to add Google Fonts to your WordPress?

WP Google Font

WP Google Font is the first choice to add custom fonts to your website easily. It’s a user-friendly plugin that lets you add fonts to WordPress and assigned to different elements such as headings, paragraph text, back quotes, lists, and default text.

This plugin’s performance is top, but it misses an important feature, you can’t preview the custom fonts on the front-end. You have to browse and preview the fonts on the Google Fonts website before assigning them to different elements on your WordPress website.

Styleguide – Custom Fonts and Colors

Styleguide is another free choice to customize your website fonts, but It only supports default WordPress themes.

This plugin utilizes 45 different fonts from Google Fonts, which makes it easier to customize your site. Fonts with a wide set of character sets are also supported. This makes it easier to write languages that have many character sets.

Supreme Google Webfonts

Supreme Google Webfonts gives you some features that not at Google Fonts plugins. It lets you select different fonts from the posting page. Once it is completely installed, it adds two new fields on your post editor that allows you to choose custom fonts and change the size.

It also lets you preview different fonts, gives you access to a family of 26 different fonts, and more features.

Besides these top three plugins, there are other good options you can safely try:

There are also some freemium typography plugins you will love:


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