What’s the Best Domain Extensions for 2020?

Domain Extension is the last part of the domain name that reflect your website use and attracts customers. So, it’s important to choose it carefully. These are the best domain extensions for 2020.

The domain name is the first thing you look for when you start a new business, personal blog, or portfolio website, and there are few important things to consider.

First, target a domain that’s easy for users to digest and doesn’t have misspellings, numbers, or hyphens.

Second, search for domain names that reflect your brand, whether that means including your name, slogan, or keywords associated with your targeted niche. Last but not least, think critically about the domain extension.

What’s the Best Domain Extensions for 2020?

The domain extension you select has a much more important role than you might think. Let’s explore the best domain extensions for 2020.

What's the Best Domain Extensions for 2020?
What’s the Best Domain Extensions for 2020?


When we mention domain extensions ” .com” comes on the top. It was originally used to designate for-profit businesses but has now become the mainstay for domain extensions. When deciding on a domain extension, in almost all circumstances, you should consider .com if it’s available.

People are used to visiting websites with .com extensions into their browsers. Thus, they are accustomed to this extension and almost expect it when hearing new domain names.

Many SEO companies claim the .com extension can lead to more favorable search rankings. From a backlinking perspective, a domain with .com carries much more authority than one with a new or unfamiliar extension. Thus, when conducting outreach for backlinks, you’re likely to generate more interest and credibility using a domain with a .com, rather than another TLD.


.net was originally intended for internet service providers or networks has now become a great alternative to .com.

If you have a tech- or application-based company .net is a nice option, but if your work not related to technology it won’t be a wise choice.


.org was originally designed to represent not-for-profit organizations, it’s open to any person or entity.

But if you want to use it for your brand it won’t be a good choice. It’s a popular option for many non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, politicians and political parties, and online communities.


.co was originally designated the country code for Colombia but has become a popular option for global domains.

The .co TLD is a familiar acronym for companies, corporations, or commercial ventures. This familiarity has led many forward-thinking businesses to build their brands on a .co.


.us is one of the successful domain extensions, but unlike the domains above, .us is reserved to citizens and entities in the United States. You can be an individual, corporation, or nonprofit organization, but you must be a permanent resident or have your business registered in the United States.

Besides these popular extensions, there are domain extension options that are well known.

  • .gov — Limited to government agencies
  • .edu — Limited to educational institutions
  • .info — An open extension that is short for information
  • .xyz — An open extension available for general use
  • .ly — Country code for Libya, but used by many tech startups for creative spellings

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