Best Free WordPress Plugins for 2020 – Top 5

Want to create or upgrade your website and don’t have a high budget?. don’t worry these are the best free WordPress plugins for 2020 you can start with.

WordPress’s popularity doesn’t come out of the blue, this famous platform breaks all the rules by offering successful free tools for millions of users around the world to create and market their websites.

One of these free tools WordPress offers are WordPress plugins, There are more than 54000 plugins available on the official WordPress plugins directory alone.

This big number can make you confused, but don’t worry there are Best free WordPress plugins for 2020.

Best free WordPress plugins for 2020:

 Yoast SEO

Best free WordPress plugins for 2020
Best free WordPress plugins for 2020

Yoast SEO is the first plugin you need on your new website. It Optimizing your website for search engines to increase your chances of ranking higher on Google search results and get more traffic to your website.

Active on more than five million sites, and with an impressive 4.9-star rating on more than 21,000 reviews, Yoast SEO is the de facto SEO plugin for most WordPress sites — WinningWP included.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is one of the best free contact forms that are active on more than a million websites.

It features a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface and AJAX form submission so people can submit a form without a page reload.


When we talk about eCommerce store with WordPress, WooCommerce is the first choice.

This free plugin powers more than 42% of all eCommerce stores. It’s active on more than 4 million sites, has a 4.6-star rating on more than 2,900 reviews.

Wordfence security

Wordfence is the most popular WordPress security plugin. It can implement most of the important WordPress security hardening in an all-in-one package, including:

  • a firewall
  • malware scans
  • login hardening.

While there is a premium version, the free version is still a great option for most sites


If you want to change the URL of a post or page. You’ll need a way to redirect traffic from the old post to the new post. Redirection plugin will help you to do this without losing traffic.

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