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How to Change Facebook Page Name 2020?

As the Facebook page became a vital marketing tool for any company, changing the name of it become more complicated and has strict rules. To learn how to change Facebook Page name in the right way continue reading.

Changing Facebook Page name will need approval from Facebook, and in many cases the new name can be rejected if it isn’t in line with Facebook rules.

according to Facebook help center

Page names must accurately reflect the Page. Keep in mind that only authorized representatives can manage a Page for a brand, place, organization or public figure.

Page names can’t include:

  • Terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone’s rights.
  • The word “official” if the Page isn’t the official Page of a brand, place, organization or public figure. (Note: If Facebook assigns a Page a verified badge the Page should no longer use the word official in the Page name.
  • Improper capitalization (example: tHe best CaFE). Page names must use grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capital letters, except for acronyms.
  • Symbols (example: ® ) or unnecessary punctuation.
  • Descriptions or slogans (example: The Best Cafe – We serve the best coffee in town). People who manage Pages can add this information to a Page’s About section.
  • Any variation of the word “Facebook.”

Page names can’t consist only of:

  • Generic words (example: Pizza). Pages must be managed by official representatives of the topics they’re about.
  • Generic geographic locations (example: New York). However, you can create a Page name for an organization that represents a geographic location. For example, “New York City – Mayor’s Office” and “Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain” are acceptable Page names.

How to change Facebook Page name 2020?

now we come to the main point, how to change Facebook Page name in 2020?

To request a change to your Page’s name:

New Facebook:

  • Go to your Page and click  Page Settings in the bottom left.
  • Click Edit Page Info in the left column.
  • Click your Page’s name.
  • Enter a new Page name and click Save Changes.
  • Review your request and click Request Change.

Classic Facebook

  • Click About on the left side of your Page.
  • Click Edit next to your Page’s name.
  • Enter a new Page name and click Continue.
  • Review your request and click Request Change.

Note: you may not be able to change Facebook name IF:

  • You don’t have a Page role that allows you to change your Page’s name.
  • You or another admin recently changed your Page’s name.
  • There may be limits on your Page.
  • You can’t change the name of a regional Page if it falls under a global Page.

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