How to change Google Maps voice?

Google Maps is a vital app for many users, now you can choose the app voice you want. Let’s see how to change Google Maps voice?

Google Maps offers a built-in voice engine that leads you to your destination with no need to use hands. This built-in voice engine offers this in your own preferred voice, with options based on region or language. if you are an Android or iOS user you can change it in a few steps.

How to change Google Maps voice?

For Android users:

Google Maps uses its own voice engine and language settings to generate spoken directions and travel alerts and not related to Android text-to-speech settings. So we will change the voice inside the app.

  • open the “Google Maps” app
  • tap on the circular account icon on the search bar.
  • This will open the Google Maps menu. From here, tap the “Settings” option.
How to change Google Maps voice?
How to change Google Maps voice?
  • In the “Settings” menu, scroll down until you find the “Navigation Settings” option—tap this to enter the menu.

  • To change the voice settings for the Google Maps app, select the “Voice Selection” option.

  • Now you will see a list of available voices you can choose from.

Note: these voices are built on language or region, for example, both the “English US” and “English UK” voice settings will speak in English but will use different accents and terminology.

After selecting the voice you want this menu will automatically close. And the next time you use the app the new voice will talk.

For iOS users:

For iOS users changing google maps, voice is more difficult than android. The app doesn’t have a built-in voice engine. instead, it depends on the default text-to-speech and language settings offered by iOS.

Th change Google Maps voice on iPhone you will need to change the language on iOs.

Note: changing the language on iOS will offer you limited choices, just a single voice per language or region. however, the Apple Maps app allows you to switch between languages, regional accents, and to use male or female voices.


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