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How to Change Post URL Without Losing Traffic?

Post URL or post slug is a vital tool to improve your post SEO and make Google search love your work, but if you tried to change post URL after publishing you may affect traffic.

How to avoid losing traffic and how to change post URL before and after publishing that what we will see in the upcoming lines.

The post slug is the words that come in a blog post link after your domain name, and it’s default name created by WordPress from the Post name. But you need to change it before publishing to make it search engine friendly.

How to change the post URL before publishing?

click on edit below post title to change the post slug.

Now you can edit the slug, you can remove the stop words and unneeded words.

Make sure there is – (dash) between every word.

Note:  stop words are the most common words that filtered by the search engine in a query. for example: a, an, the, are, by, both…

How to change the Post URL of a published post?

After publishing a post search engine index your slug and your Post will be tied to this URL, if you edited this slug, it would result in broken post and you will face error 404.

In this case and to avoid this error we will need to take the help of the 301 redirect feature.

To know more about 301 redirect feature, check: How to Fix Error 404 on WordPress?

For example: Already published post with URL:

New URL after editing the post slug:

Go to Tools > Redirection (or redirection tab of any other plugin that you are using). You can also set redirection using the .htaccess method.

Here you can set the 301 redirects from the old post to the new one as shown in below screenshot:

How to change the Post URL of a published post?
How to change the Post URL of a published post?

That’s all.

Now when anyone clicks the old URL, he will be automatically redirected to the new URL. That means no losing traffic any more.


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