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How to change WordPress Admin Username?

How to Change WordPress Admin Username is an important issue to keep your site away from hackers’ danger. WordPress is a popular program that has millions of users all over the world. it’s one of the most targeted platforms for hackers and default WordPress Admin Username is the first thing hackers try to broke.

On the upcoming lines, we will guide you to the best ways to Change WordPress Admin Username in 5 minutes. Let’s see.

How to change WordPress Admin Username?

You can change Admin Username manually by creating a new admin to replace the default one or using a plugin or by touching the phpMyAdmin. Whatever the way you prefer it won’t take minutes to apply it.

  • Change Username manually:

This way is the most secure way to change WordPress Username, just add a new user and assign administrator role, delete the default admin and attribute all content of the old admin to the newly added one.

  1. Add a new user

Log into your Dashboard. On the left-hand menu, hover to Users and choose Add New.

  1. Save new user

Fill in all the required information. You should give it a harder-to-remember username (that’s our purpose). In the Role drop-down menu, choose Administrator so that this new user has the right as an admin. Then hit Add New User.

How to change WordPress Admin Username?
How to change WordPress Admin Username?
  1. Log out of admin account

Hover to the top right of the page to log out.

  1. Log in with new user account

Now log in again to your Dashboard but by new user account.

  1. Delete the default admin

Choose to view All Users in Users section. Hover to the default admin and click on Delete.

  1. Confirm the deletion.
  • Use plugins to change admin username

There are many plugins you can use to change admin username, for example, You can try these plugins to do the job Admin renamer extended Username ChangerWPVN – Username Changer.

  • Touch the phpMyAdmin from cPanel

This way is the most complicated way that needs to change admin name in cPanel, it’s risky for non-technical people. So try the above ways and we will explain this third way in another post.


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