How to Connect Galaxy Watch to New Phone?

Do you get a new phone and want to connect your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to it? this can be a little annoying, but don’t worry here’s a detailed guide showing how to connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a new Phone.

How to Connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a New Phone?

  • First, you need to start with your Galaxy Watch, press the “Power Button” to open the app gallery and then tap the “Settings” app (represented by a gear icon) from the list.
How to Connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a New Phone?
How to Connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a New Phone?
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the “Settings” menu and tap “Connect to a New Phone”.

  • The next step will ask you to back up your data, Tap “Back Up Data.”
  • Now, the Galaxy Wearable app on your old phone will be open, go to backup settings. Select “Back Up Data”.

  • You will see a list of things you can back up, select the items you want and “Back Up”.
  • After finishing Back-Up, tap “Done”, and go back to your smartwatch.
  • On your watch, go to the “Connect to a New Phone” screen again. This time, tap “Continue”, Everything on the device will be deleted.

  • After the watch has finished resetting, it will reboot. We can now switch over to your new smartphone. Open the Galaxy Wearable app and select your device from the list.
  • It will scan for your smartwatch nearby. Select your watch from the list when it appears.

  • Next, tap the screen to connect to your watch, and tap “Pair” from the Wearable app.

  • You’ll see a “Finishing Pairing” animation on the Wearable app.
  • It will say “Watch Paired” when complete. Tap “Agree” to continue.
  • The next step is to link the appropriate plugin for your specific watch. Tap “OK” on the pop-up message to proceed.
  • Select any of the options shown on this screen, or tap “Skip.” If you made selections, tap “Next.”
  • sign in to your Samsung account.
  • The app will now ask if you’d like to restore from a backup. Select “Check For Backup” and then tap “Next.”

That’s all.


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