How to create a strong password and remember it?

Actually Passwords are controlling everything in one’s current life, your bank account, PayPal account, email account, Facebook account and everything you have. So Strong password is the most important thing you need to know how to create.

A strong password can save you from leaking your data or stealing your money and other dangerous things, a weak password can have serious consequences if your data is compromised. For example, hackers published 555 million stolen passwords on the dark web since 2017 witch could be used by criminals to crack into your account or defraud you or steal your identity!

In the upcoming lines, we will discuss the best ways to create strong passwords and remember them.

How to create a strong password and remember it?

First thing you should take care of it, never reuse a password for more than one account. If you did your security will be in serious danger.

Then you need to follow these rules:

  • The password should be more than 8 characters or 12 characters for more safety. And a longer password would be even better.
  • Use numbers and special symbols are hard to guess and include Lower-Case Letters.
  • You will need a trusted password manager to keep track of your passwords like 1Password or LastPass so you can remember them.
  • But if you don’t like password manager, you can easily write your login credentials down. This old fashion way could be effective with important accounts, just write your passwords on a paper and keep it safe at home, hackers can’t break into your home and steal this paper.
  • You can also keep your passwords in a locked file and just keep this file password in your head.
  • Don’t recycle your passwords: as we mentioned above don’t use the same password for many accounts, and don’t recycle one password with changing one number or one letter this goes against online safety rules.
How to create a strong password and remember it?
How to create a strong password and remember it?

A track to create a strong password:

And the last thing you could need to create Strong password and remember it is to use a sentence like ” I liked tomato and grapes when I was 9″ and use the first letter, or the first and last letters from every word, so your password would become “Ildtoadgswniws9” of course this will be Unpredictable password and you could add symbols like “@” between letters and numbers or at the beginning and the end of the password.


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