How to avoid Dangerous WordPress Plugins?

Attention these WordPress Plugins can damage your website!

Have you thought before that Wordpress Plugins could be a double-edged sword?  Although Wordpress could be unique because of its vast list of plugins, it could be not safe because of the same reasons.

There are more than 50 thousand plugins available to access in the official Wordpress repository, thousands more available on various other marketplaces to download, and Every website even smallest ones need Plugins. But at the same time, it leaves you in a dilemma that which plugins you should rely on!

Wordpress Plugins are empowering your website, but this big and continually growing in numbers means more vulnerabilities which but you in danger.

On the upcoming lines, we will share some names of dangerous WordPress site plugins that you will never want to install in your Wordpress Website.

  • Jetpack

Although Jetpack was trusted as one of the best assistance and management tool for Wordpress, Jetpack is now considered as a compromised plugin that could lead to a compromised Wordpress site.

  • All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack was launched in 2007, now we are 2020. If you still using this old tool, it means you are merely putting your site at the higher risk.

  • ¬†WooCommerce
How to avoid Dangerous WordPress Plugins?
How to avoid Dangerous WordPress Plugins?

Being one of the most leading eCommerce Wordpress plugins, it’s already empowering over 4 million installations and claiming to power 30% of online stores existing on the internet.

Since the prime role of this plugin is to handle customer payments and managing sales of the store, it is naturally a most tempting target for hackers. WooCommerce stores usually process both personal data and payment data of their customers, though hacker’s prime targets are always these kinds of eCommerce websites.

  • NextGEN Gallery

Since 2007 NextGEN Gallery is the main gallery for WP users. But it stills the SQL injection flaws left this plugin in a significant risk.

  • Contact Form 7
How to avoid Dangerous WordPress Plugins?
How to avoid Dangerous WordPress Plugins?

in 2014, three advisories have noticed some security risks in this plugin and the privilege escalation flaw disclosed in September 2018. While the disclosure doesn’t involve the high damage risk in itself, but it allows attackers to upload malicious files to the site’s directory ad increasing the risk of having damaging attacks.

All these popular plugins and others could do, so How Can You Limit the Risk of Having Dangerous Wordpress Plugins?

There are simple ways to protect your site from danger, and can help you limit the security risk of plugins:

  • ¬†Download Plugins From the Reputed Site:
  1. The website must be professionally designed and using a clear language to describe the usability of the plugin.
  2. Verify the authentication of the company.
  3. Read terms of services and privacy of policy.
  4. If you are trying to Google the domain name in quotes (example.com) and you didn’t find any reports of malicious activity, then it is advised to use such words like “malware, exploit and vulnerability to get the actual review report of the specific plugin.
  • Have a Disallowed Plugin List
  • Choose Reputable Plugins
  • Keep your WP Version updated.

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