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How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files?

With continuous updates, some WordPress functions changes, and some core files become obsolete. So you will need to Delete Old WordPress Core Files.

Why do you need to delete old Core Files?

At many times when you upgrade your WordPress via the admin dashboard, the unneeded WordPress core files are not deleted.

Which leave your site at risk of hackers, If a vulnerable obsolete WordPress core file is discovered by hackers, it can be exploited.

How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files?

to Delete Old WordPress Core Files, you need Old Core Files plugin, if you have it on your WordPress activate it, if not, install it.

The plugin concept is very simple; it will list all the old WordPress core files which are obsolete.

To install the Old Core Files plugin on your WordPress site:

  • Login to WordPress Dashboard by via or (replace with your actual domain name).
  • From the left navigation menu, click Plugins > Add New.
  • Search “Old Core Files” and click Search Plugins.
  • Click Install Now > Ok.
  • Click Activate Plugin.

Once you install the Old Core Files WordPress plugin click on the Settings link highlighted in the below screenshot to be redirected to the list of old WordPress core files the plugin discovered.

  • Or, go to the plugin settings page located under Tools » Old Core Files.
  • Now you will see a list of all old core files that are no longer needed with the latest WordPress version.
How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files?
How to Delete Old WordPress Core Files?

The current version of the plugin doesn’t have a delete button, but it will be available soon. Now you can delete old or unwanted Core Files manually using FTP.

Note: deleting Old WordPress Core Files is important to keep your site safe and fast. So don’t hesitate to do it.


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