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How to Fix Page Unresponsive Error in Chrome?

Page unresponsive Error in Chrome could be the worst thing you can face if you were immersed in work online for long hours. This problem Threatens everything you did, and you just have to options, wait for it to be responsive again, or immediately kill the page and open that website again.

Of course, the second option will cost you a lot, in many cases, the page won’t load again and you will be forced to kill it and lost your progress.

So, How to fix or at least avoid Page Unresponsive Error in Google Chrome?  In general, you can’t avoid this problem Completely, but there are some solutions and steps you can do to minimize the damage.

How to Fix Page Unresponsive Error in Google Chrome?

Update your browser

The first solution for any problem is to update the browser, in this case:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the browser.
  • Choose help, then be redirected to a page that shows you information about your browser.
  • The page will automatically Check for Update.
  • If there are any updates, just click the Update.

This method is a quick fix for any problem with your browser. But, what if my browser was updated and still face the same error?

Disable Extensions

Extensions can be the main reason behind page unresponsive Error in Chrome, many extensions such as ad blockers and more often have viruses or at least a program that hinders the operation of the browser.

In this case, you can try to disable extensions to keep your browser fast.

  • From three dots in the top-right area of the browser, find More Tools.
  • Click Extensions.
How to Fix Page Unresponsive Error in Chrome?
How to Fix Page Unresponsive Error in Chrome?
  • You will then gain access to a list of extensions currently in your browser.
  • Check each extension, if there’s an error at anyone, disable it.

For a better result delete the damaged extension.

Disable Third-Party Cookies

If you already facing the problem, there is a quick solution that can fix it. Disable third-party cookies.

  • Type chrome://settings/content in a new tab.
  • This will open the Content Settings of Chrome. Click on Cookies.
  • Toggle Block third-party cookies off.

Go back and see if the issue is resolved.

Create a new profile

Another solution you can apply to fix page unresponsive Error in Chrome is to Create a new profile on the browser.

  • From the three dots upright, go to Settings.
  • Under the People section at the very top of the Settings page, you will see your current Profile. remove this profile from the browser.
  • To remove the profile, you need to Turn Off Sync.
  • After removing the account, click Chrome name and picture. which is still under the “People”.

You will be prompted to a picture that you can use as your profile picture, as well as a box to type in the name of that profile. You can create a new profile from there.


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