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How to Generate PayPal Identity Token?

PayPal identity token is the best way to verify payments without using PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN), which you can generate in a few minutes.

As a website owner, you will need PayPal to deal with all kinds of payments, you can create an account with no cost “just fees per transaction”.

For more Professional PayPal identity token is a good option to help you and your customers. It allows customers to track their payment process in a secure channel.

You can control PayPal preferences from WooCommerce, as it has a built-in PayPal functionality. But you will still need to integrate it with your PayPal account first. On the upcoming liens, we will see how to How to Generate PayPal Identity Token.

Note: PayPal Identity Token” is available for “Business and Premier” accounts only.

How to Generate PayPal Identity Token?

Step 1: Log in to your “PayPal Business Account“.

Step 2: Go to the wheel on the top right corner and choose Account Settings from the drop-down

Step 3: on the left menu choose “Website Payment”

How to Generate PayPal Identity Token?
How to Generate PayPal Identity Token?

Step 4: Click on the “Update” option in the “Website Preferences” tab

Step 5: Select “On” for Auto return for website payments

Step 6:  Add your store’s thank you page link in the Return URL field.

Step 7: Select “On” for Payment Data Transfer & click Save

Now you can see the Identity Token just below the Payment Data Transfer section.

Note: If you want to allow refunds on your store via PayPal, you’ll need its API credentials — Live API username, password, and signature.

To get it:

  • Go to Account Settings > Account access.
  • Press the Update link beside the API access option.
  • Navigate to the NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) section, then click Manage API credentials.
  • On the Request API Credentials page, select the Request API signature option.
  • Press Agree and Submit, and you’ll see your API credentials on the next page.

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