How to Factory Reset The iPhone?

If you want to sell your iPhone or give it to anyone, you will face a big issue with your data. But this isn’t a problem if you know how to factory reset your iPhone in the right way.

There are many reasons to reset your iPhone; selling your iPhone, having issues, or just want a fresh start, whatever your reason it’s the same steps.

How to factory reset the iPhone?

Before resetting your iPhone, don’t forget to do these things:

  • Connect to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • Make sure you know your Apple ID password (the one you’re using for iCloud) if you have “Find My iPhone enabled.”
  • Make sure you have your iPhone backed up or have your important information saved somewhere before you reset your device.
  • It will be better to sign out of the App Store and iCloud. And don’t forget to unpair your Apple Watch if you have one.

Now, let’s see how to factory reset the iPhone from the settings:

How to factory reset the iPhone?
How to factory reset the iPhone?
  • Tap on Settings and then tap General.
  • Swipe down to the very bottom and choose Reset.
  • Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

  • Tap Erase Now, enter your passcode if applicable.
  • Tap Erase iPhone again to confirm.
  • Enter your Apple ID password if required and tap Erase.

After these steps you have your iPhone as a new one, all the information on your iPhone has been erased and you should see the iOS welcome screen like when you first purchased your iPhone.

Now you can sell it easily, or if you had any problem before resetting, it should be solved.

If you want to get your date back, restore the backup you made.

That’s all.


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