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How to Install IonCube Loader?

IonCube Loader is a PHP extension that provides security by using encryption / Decryption for PHP applications.

It works to decode PHP scripts previously encoded by the ionCube PHP Encoder package. Also helps speed up the PHP application execution and restrict unauthorized execution.

How to Install IonCube Loader in Linux Server?

Step 1: Download IonCube Loaders:

For 32bit Systems:
# wget

For 64bit Systems:
# wget

Step 2: After the download is complete, extract the file and move it to a folder of your choosing.

# tar xzf ioncube_loaders_lin_x86.tar.gz
# mv ioncube /usr/local/

Step 3: Enable IonCube in PHP, by editing the php.ini file.
To find your php.ini file you can use the following command :

# php -i | grep php.ini

This will display the path of the php.ini file. Open this file and add to the end of the file the following line :

 zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/

you will need to replace “/usr/local/ioncube/” with the file that matches your PHP version.

Step 4: Now installation is completed. To check if the installation was successful or not, you can run the ‘phpinfo’ function in a php file, like this :


Run this file in from the browser and search the output for “ioncube php loader”. If you find it then it means your installation was successful.

How to Install IonCube Loaders For Non-Control panel Servers?

  • Begin by downloading the latest loaders to your computer from
  • Extract the contents of the archived file on your local PC to a folder of your choice.
  • Upload the folder IONCUBE via FTP to your domain webspace
  • Now establish an SSH connection with server using a suitable client (e.g. Putty for PC’s or Terminal on Mac). This is usually done using the command: SSH rootuse[email protected] (you will then be asked for your password).
  • You will need to browse to the public folder where you uploaded the IONCUBE directory (search the internet for change and view directory commands in Unix).
  • Move the ioncube folder to a permanent location by entering: mv ioncube /usr/local
  • Next, you need to locate the php.ini file, to do this enter: locate php.ini – You should find it is in /usr/local/lib/php.ini. Now that you know the location of php.ini you need to edit it. pico /usr/local/lib/php.ini
  • Now find where other zend extentions are in the file: ctrl + w: zend_extension
  • Paste in your new line for ioncube loader: zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/ (Replace x with your version of PHP eg. 4.4)
  • Save the changes: ctrl + X then Y and enter
  • Restart the web server to take effect: /etc/init.d/httpd restart.

that’s all.


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