How to Make Your Mac Faster?

If you face a slowdown in your mac device response; like taking longer to go from the login screen to a usable state, don’t worry here’s how to make your Mac faster?

How to make your Mac faster?

Use Sleep Instead of Shutting Down

How to make your Mac faster?
How to make your Mac faster?

Many people don’t know the technical differences between Shutting Down computer and Sleep mode.

A shutdown first closes all running processes—including the operating system—and then cuts power to your machine. When you start it up again, everything has to be loaded into RAM. macOS also takes time to boot, and any software that starts with your machine has to restart, as well.

So to fast your device use sleep mode instead of shutting down.

Remove Unnecessary Startup and Login Items

In many cases, Startup and Login Items could be the main reason to slow down your Mac if you have to restart or shut down it.

To solve this problem:  Head to System Preferences > Users and Groups. With your username highlighted, click the “Login Items” tab.

You’ll see a list of applications that start up every time you log in. Highlight any you don’t need, and then click the minus sign (-) to remove them from the list.

You can also select the “Hide” checkbox for each item you want to start in the background without bothering you.

Maintain a Sensible Buffer of Free Space

Don’t use all the memory, your macOS needs room to breathe and work faster. So try to leave at least 10% of your total drive space free to avoid slow down problems.

Disable “Reopen Windows” When Shutting Down

In normal you don’t need to reopen closed windows when you restart or shut down your Mac.

So you can disable this feature to make your mac work faster. You can toggle it on or off under System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Options; just click the padlock and type your admin password to make changes.

Reinstall macOS

If you are using the same macOS for years, you may need to reinstall it. a clean install will be faster than your current one.


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