How to Record Audio on Mac?

Do you want to record audio on your mac? Don’t go far, there are built-in apps on Mac can record audio easily.

You can record audio on your Mac using Voice Memos, QuickTime, or GarageBand. Voice Memos is the most basic, while Garageband is the most complex since it’s a music recording app. Let’s see how they work.

Note: If you’re using certain models, such as a Mac mini or Mac Pro, you’ll need an external mic.

How to record audio on Mac?

Using Voice Memos

Voice Memos is a very simple app to record voice easily on Mac, it’s suitable for simple records like voice messages or voice notes.

  • Open Voice Memos via the Launchpad, Finder, or Spotlight.
  • Click the “red circle” to start recording your voice.
How to record audio on Mac?
How to record audio on Mac?
  • Click “Done” when you’ve finished recording your voice memo.

  • Double click on the name of the file to rename it to something memorable.

  • The file is automatically shared via iCloud to your other Apple devices. To share it elsewhere, click on the icon at the top right of the screen to share it.

Using QuickTime

QuickTime is more advanced than Voice Memos, it offers more control tools, and you can choose where you can save the audio file so it’s useful for more permanent records or longer recordings.

  • Open QuickTime via the Launchpad, Finder, or Spotlight.
  • Click File > New Audio Recording.

  • Click the red circle in the middle.

  • Click the gray square to stop recording.

  • Click File > Save to choose a name for the recording and where you want to save it.

  • The file is now saved, and you can share it anywhere you like.

Using GarageBand

The last choice and the most advanced one is GarageBand, It’s typically pre-installed on all Macs or you can find it for free on the App Store.

It offers more features and more tools to control and edit the audio, it’s a music recording app.

  • Open GarageBand via the Launchpad, Finder, or Spotlight.
  • Click Choose to open a new project.

  • Click Audio > Record using a microphone.
  • Click Create.

  • Click Record.

  • Click Stop to stop recording.

  • Click File > Save to save the audio file or click Share to share it directly.

That’s all.


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