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How to Refresh Browser Chrome, Firefox & Safari?

How to refresh my browser and why I should do? Well, it’s important to refresh your browser from a while to while in easy steps. Whatever your device and browser Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Why should you refresh your browser?

Maybe you have noted that when you visit a website once and return to it again it loads faster. This is because the browser stores a copy of the website on your computer.

This copy of the websites stored at browsers caches to load the page faster on the upcoming visits. But on the other side, there’s a problem.

Many site owners can’t see changes when they visit their site after making changes to their websites. This is because their browsers have a cached version!

How to Refresh Browser Chrome, Firefox, and Safari?

To refresh any browser there’s a general method, it will refresh your page only:

⇧ Shift-click the Refresh button. While pressing the Refresh button on your browser’s address bar will only do a standard refresh, you can force a refresh from the server by pressing ⇧ Shift and clicking it instead.

The second method is to Delete Cache and Refresh your page:


Press Ctrl+F5. In most browsers, pressing Ctrl+F5 will force the browser to retrieve the webpage from the server instead of loading it from the cache.


For Safari users on OS X, press Option+⌘ Command+E to empty your cache, and then ⌘ Command+R to refresh the page.

How to Hard Refresh Browser and Clear Cache Manually?


From your Chrome menu, click on the 3 vertical dots.

Click “More Tools”, you will see a drop-down menu.

How to Refresh Browser?
How to Refresh Browser?

Now, click “Clear Browsing Data”.

You will be taken to this screen:

Select the data you want to delete; in our case, you should select “Cached images and files”.


From the menu bar, select History.

Then choose “Clear Recent History”

You will be taken to this screen:

Select the data you want to delete, and click the button titled “Clear Now”.


Select History from the menu bar and navigate down to “Clear History”.

A dialogue will appear with a drop-down menu. Select “all history” and then click “Clear History”.

That’s all!


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