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Important tools to improve working from Home?

According to the current wave of coronavirus “COVID-19”, many people have to start working from Home instead of office.

If you’re a corporate employee working in a typical office and new to working from home you will need to know some tools that would help you to adjust to the situation.

First thing you obviously need a good laptop/computer and reliable Internet connection to get started, and then you need to read the upcoming lines to find tools and software that can keep you in contact with your team and keep your workflow going.

Important tools to improve working from Home

Slack: Slack is one of the most popular and important work collaborations that improve Working from Home.

Important tools to improve working from Home
Important tools to improve working from Home

The program lets you make chats with co-workers, create groups for particular sections or topics within your team, and also maintain message history.

Google Hangouts: the second choice you can use for work to avoid coronavirus is Google Hangouts. This tool not just a messaging tool, but it can effectively used for keeping in touch between teamwork.

you can make group video calls, switch between participants, quickly turn off and on audio and video for ease of communication.

Beside ┬áSlack and Hangouts, there’s many work collaboration such as Discord, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, and Basecamp are also widely used for collaboration and workplace communications.

For productivity, you will find everything you need at google tools, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive: Whatever you need to do, Google has a tool for it.

Microsoft also has its Office Online suite, like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint make this an excellent alternative.

Whatever the tool you will use, stay at home, work from home and Follow WHO instructions to avoid COVID-19 infection.


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