Best Apps to Install Multiple Windows Apps at Once

If you just got a new PC or laptop you will face a small problem, you need to install all the essential apps before you can start using it! Don’t worry there is a way to install multiple Windows Apps at once.

The process of installing many apps one at a time is incredibly tedious and annoying, One way to circumvent this process is to install batches of apps in one go.

You can install multiple Windows Apps at once with a batch installer app that can install multiple applications automatically, based on your choices. Let’s see…

Best Apps to Install Multiple Windows Apps at Once


Best Apps to Install Multiple Windows Apps at Once
Best Apps to Install Multiple Windows Apps at Once

Allmyapps is a PC app store that allows you easily install, update, and uninstall multiple applications at once.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface that’s bundled with advanced search features and filters.

The application allows you to send files between multiple devices on the same network for installations over the local network.


Npackd is a powerful tool with many options, It allows fast installations from the provided list or add your own packages installer files from your local storage.

It also can uninstall and update multiple software at a time, allows users to monitor the individual progress of batch installations using multiple windows and more options to get a fast and hassle-free software installation.


Ninite is lightweight multiple application installers. It supports a small list of software, but it a list of the most popular apps you need on your device.

Ninite works from the Web – you select the list of apps to install from its website, and it generates a web-based installer that you can use to batch-download and install these chosen apps.


SpeedInstall is also a lightweight multiple app installer.  it has a number of useful features like the option to save on local disk, the option to search in categories, multiple select and unselect options, etc.

It also allows you to access the reports and error log files and even lets you debug the application yourself in case any problem arises during the batch installation process.


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