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How to keep Zoom calls safe from trolls?

In the last weeks, many people turned their work home due to the current wave of coronavirus, which made unexpected growth in video conferencing services especially Zoom and its calls.

This hardly known app witch a limited number of businesses was using it become the number one app on Google Play. And The Zoom iOS app went from 50,000 daily downloads to two million a day, according to ABC7News.

And a report by Venture Beat citing data from research firm Apptopia – the worldwide daily downloads of Zoom’s mobile app across all app stores, climbed from 171,574 on February 15 to 2,410,171 on March 25!

This rapid growth as it attracted users it attracted interlopers too, who “Zoombomb” video conferencing calls in order to cause disruption!

Zoom conferences work with public links, each conference has a link than anyone has it can inter the conference directly; Zoombombing is where an uninvited person joins a Zoom conference call and uses the screen-sharing feature to disrupt the call.

Trolls get the public link to the call and use them to make mischief. This annoying behave has been repeated with many Zoom conferences and led to ending it.

“We did encounter an unwanted ‘Zoombomb’ during one of our sessions so we moved our latest performances to a different platform,” a Chipotle executive told the New York Times.

Fortunately, you can ride off Zoombombers in a few simple steps, just continue reading.

How to keep Zoom calls safe from Trolls?

  • If you are a Web user, first go to “Settings”.
How to keep Zoom calls safe from trolls?
How to keep Zoom calls safe from trolls?
  • There, scroll down to “Screen Sharing”.

  •  Under “Who can share?” click “Host Only” and click on “Save”.

From now onwards, screen-sharing will be switched off by default.

On the other hand, you can change the setting after the beginning of the Zoom meeting.

During a Zoom meeting, click the caret to the right of the “Share Screen” button at the bottom.

Here, go to “Advanced Sharing Options”.

You can disable screen-sharing by clicking on “Host-Only” under “Who Can Share?”

If you are using the mobile app, tap the options button (…) at the bottom right corner and select “Meeting Settings”.

The iOS users can turn off the “Allow Participants to Share” option and Android users can turn off “Lock Share”.

With these Precautionary measures, no Zoombomber can interrupt your conferences and your Zoom calls are safe.


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