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Today More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use  WhatsApp – or WhatsApp from Facebook as it lately renamed- daily to keep in touch with friends, family, work and more. This number shows how successful Whats app is but unfortunately there are missing options like Log out from WhatsApp button!

Since Facebook bought the famous messaging service In February 2014 for 19 billion dollars, the app got many updates like stories, group calls, change phone number option along with delete my account option and soon dark mode on Android, iPhone. though you still can’t Log out from WhatsApp from your smartphone.

Maybe this action can’t be done directly, but in the upcoming lines, we will know how to do it indirectly.

How to Log out from WhatsApp?

Log out of  WhatsApp on Android :

As an android user, you could log out from your WhatsApp account with no problem and no need to complicated steps. Just follow the next.

Before applying this way, don’t forget to take a backup of your WhatsApp chats so that it can be restored when you login next time.

To take backup to go to WhatsApp Settings>Chats>Chat Backup and tap on Backup.

And now you could follow these steps to logout from WhatsApp on Android:

  • From phone settings, open apps and locate WhatsApp and open storage choice.


  • You will see two options “clear data” and “clear cache”.

  • Now tap on “clear data” and go to WhatsApp you will see the login screen.
Log out of  WhatsApp on iPhone:

As an Android user, you couldn’t log out from your WhatsApp like android users. There’s no option to clear data or another hack.

The only way to Log out from  WhatsApp on iPhone is to delete the app and reinstall it. But you should take a backup of your chats and media on iCloud. To keep your current data.

 To take the Backup to go to Settings of WhatsApp tap on Chats and then Chat Backup.

Now follow the usual steps to remove  WhatsApp from your iPhone:

  •  long press on the WhatsApp icon On the home screen, then click X mark to uninstall the app.


  • And now delete to uninstall WhatsApp from your device.

  • To login Whatsapp again reinstall the app from App store.
How to logout from WhatsApp web:

WhatsApp web is a good option to use Whatsapp on a large screen, and it provides special options like a logout option.

To logout from WhatsApp web on your computer click on three dots given at the top window and then click on Log out.

How to logout from WhatsApp web
How to logout from WhatsApp web

You could also logout from WhatsApp web throw your phone:

From Whatsapp App on your smartphone, Go to settings and Tap Whatsapp Web.

logout from WhatsApp web throw phone
logout from WhatsApp web throw phone

You will see the computers which you logged in, now tap on Logout from all devices to logoff Whatsapp web on all the computers.

No doubt that WhatsApp is one of the most successful chatting apps, but it still missing many options others have, let us know what do you want to see at the next Whatsapp update.


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