Top Free Operating Systems- Windows alternative

For many users updating Windows is an expensive cost. Windows 10 will cost you 139$ and 10 Pro 200$ it can’t be cheap. Fortunately, there is a free Windows alternative.

Maybe you have heard about “Linux” or desktops and laptops free operating systems. Actually there is a wide variety of free operating systems out there, and many of them are as good or better than Windows or macOS.

On the upcoming lines, we will check some of the best free operating systems that you can choose one of them to be your next Windows alternative.

Top Free Operating Systems- Best Windows alternative

Ubuntu Linux

Top Free Operating Systems- Best Windows alternative
Top Free Operating Systems- Best Windows alternative

Ubuntu is arguably the most popular Linux distribution for “average” users, particularly when you take into account all its derivatives.

You can get Ubuntu From Here.


  • The wide availability of software incompatible package format.
  • Multiple derivative distributions with different graphical desktops.
  • Ubuntu sponsor, Canonical, offers software in the alternate easy-to-use Snap format.


  • Common proprietary applications aren’t available natively.
  • Methods such as WINE to install and run Windows programs are dicey.
  • Troubleshooting sometimes requires digging deep into the OS.

The BSDs

the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD)
the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD)

You will be surprised to know that The BSDs is older than Linux, actually, the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) has been around for a long time.

This operating system started as a project to implement a free operating system based on proprietary Unix, now it’s a family of OSes.

You can get The BSDs From Here.


  • A large portion of Linux software is also available for *BSD.
  • FreeBSD (along with others) also includes a Linux emulation layer.
  • Many security features and relatively lower popularity make *BSDs a safe choice.


  • “Do it yourself” systems are time-consuming for both install and troubleshooting.
  • Hardware compatibility is noticeably less than Linux systems.
  • Not cross-compatible to the extent Linux is.


Your laptop can run an Android OS, it’s not a joke. Android is an open-source project, and as such developers have been able to take its code and port it to the PC platform. This means you can use all the same apps sitting at home on a laptop or desktop that you use on the go.

You can create your own Android PC. Get Android-x86 for your PC From Here.


  • A lightweight operating system for modern PC hardware.
  • Access to all the same apps you use on your phone.
  • Offers to copy apps and other data from your Google account to mirror your mobile device.


  • Full-fledged desktop apps not available.
  • Lags a version or two behind mobile phones.
  • iOS users are out of luck here.

Besides these three operating systems, there are other good free Windows alternatives:


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