How to Optimize Your Multilingual Website?

Multilingual website means more visits from more regions, but also means more efforts. If you have a multilingual website here is how to optimize it.

To optimize your multilingual website you need a smart plugin like WPML, it’s a super tool that extends the functionality of the basic WordPress CMS and makes it run multilingual.

It lets authors write content in different languages and translate content. It also includes advanced features for translation management and an interface for professional content translation.

Also Using WPML requires no technical or programming skills. Site admins can install it and turn their site multilingual, without any coding. WPML includes a complete API, for integrating with other plugins and translation systems. This way, developers can easily use WPML and turn their products into multilingual.

How to optimize your multilingual website with Yoast SEO and WPML?

To stare, ensure that the Yoast SEO plugin is activated by navigating to the Plugins → Installed Plugins page.

You need to install and activate WPML. You can get it from here.

Ensure that the WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, and Yoast SEO Multilingual plugins are activated.

Now, we can start Translating the SEO texts:

Go to the SEO → Search Appearance page and click the General tab.

if you have selected a static homepage on the Settings → Reading page, you can set the title and description for the front page by editing it.

How to optimize your multilingual website with Yoast SEO and WPML?
How to optimize your multilingual website with Yoast SEO and WPML?

After you enter the title and meta description, go to the WPML → String Translation page to translate them.

To display all of Yoast SEO admin texts, select admin_texts_wpseo_titles in the Select strings within domain drop-down.

Translating the SEO texts
Translating the SEO texts

Click on the Translation link next to the texts that you want to translate, enter the translation, and select the “Translation is complete” checkbox. Finally, click Save.

You can follow the same steps for the rest of the SEO attribute templates.

Translation of page SEO attributes:

WPML uses different pages for each language, so they need their own respective SEO attributes.

In this case, we will create a page, add some SEO attributes to it, and translate it.

Translation of page SEO attributes:
Translation of page SEO attributes:

Inter the SEO attributes in English.

To translate this page, we click on the plus icon in the Language box. This sends a page to your translation editor.

The SEO attributes are shown along the content of your page. After you are done with the translation click Finish button.

Now, the newly added translation has its own page. As a new page, it has its own title and contents.


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