What Is an Optional Quality Update – Windows 10 ?

If your laptop runs Windows 10, you may have received an optional quality update. What’s the meaning of it and should you install it? Here are the answers to all questions about optional quality updates on Windows 10.

What Is an Optional Quality Update on Windows 10?

Optional quality updates can’t be security fixes or essential updates, so your Windows won’t automatically install these.

Optional quality updates can be fixes for stability issues or other problems in Windows. Some of these may be optional hardware driver updates. You have the choice to install it or no.

Cumulative Update Preview

One of the most common optional quality updates is a “cumulative update preview.”

Microsoft releases cumulative updates once a month on Patch Tuesday, which is the second Tuesday of each month.

Cumulative Update Preview introduces a number of fixes for various problems in a big package instead of sending many updates throughout the month.

These packages are called “cumulative” because they include all the fixes from previous months in a single package.

For example, if you haven’t turned a computer on in several months, a single month’s cumulative update will include all the fixes from previous months. Windows only has to install one big update, saving you time and avoiding unnecessary reboots.

Should I Install Optional Quality Updates on Windows 10?

The answer to this question is very simple. If you face any problems with your PC, installing the optional updates is a good idea. They’re usually the collection of fixes you need.

However, if your device doing well, there will be no need to install them. Just wait for the main updates they are all you need.

Optional Quality Update Windows 10
Optional Quality Update Windows 10

How to Install Optional Quality Updates?

To check for optional quality updates, head to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Click “Check for Update”.

Windows will install any mandatory updates (including security updates and non-optional cumulative updates) automatically.

If there’s an optional quality update, you’ll see a message saying so below the “Check for Updates” button. Click “Download and Install”, if you need it.

that’s all.


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