How to Play YouTube Music on Google Maps?

If you are an android user, you can now play YouTube Music during navigating on Google Maps app. this feature is coming after long working with Apple Music, Play Music, and Spotify.

Back in 2018, an update to Google Maps added built-in media playback controls that allow you to play your music from music apps on your device.

This feature was released to both android and Apple users and supported music apps like Apple Music, Play Music, and Spotify, but YouTube Music was missing. Now google added YouTube support but it only available on android devices and iOS users will need to wait extra time.

the way to use the new feature is as same as the way to use any of the apps mentioned up. let’s see how it work.

How to play YouTube Music on Google Maps during navigating?

If you haven’t used media playback on Google Maps before, you should know that it has a full-screen navigation UI when you’re driving.

If music is playing in the background, the responsible app’s icon will appear just underneath the mute FAB. Tapping slides up audio controls that show album artwork, song title, and artist. To the right are buttons to play/pause and forwards/backwards.

Tapping “Browse” will load a grid of recent listens so you can quickly start something else without leaving navigation. There’s also a subtle progress bar on the main screen that’s themed.

To choose YouTube Music to play on the background:

  • From the app on your android device go to settings
  • Scroll down to found “Navigation settings” and hit it.
  • Now Enable “Show media playback controls”
How to Play YouTube Music on Google Maps?
How to Play YouTube Music on Google Maps?
  • You will see a list of supported apps on your device. Now you can select a “Default media app” with YT Music.

Note: If ” Show media playback controls” already enabled on your device, just click on it and choose your favorite music app.

This feature is only available for Android users and requires Google Maps 10.43.2 that widely rolled out earlier this week. YouTube Music app is must be updated too.


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