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How to Preview Images in Windows 10?

Quickly preview an image without having to launch a full image editor can be a nice trick to save time. Windows 7 and 8.1 offering a built-in Photo Viewer, that also exists in Windows 10 but it’s no longer set up to preview images in file explorer!

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem, so you can preview images in Windows 10 File Explorer easily, just right-click on the image you wish to view and select Image Preview.

How to Preview Images in Windows 10 File Explorer?

First, open File Explorer in Windows 10 and right-click on any image, you will note that there’s no option in the popup menu to preview the file without having to open it or edit it in an image viewer.

The solution to this issue exists on a trusted thread posted some years ago on the “TenForums” website.

The thread offers you two options:

  1. Copy and paste the Registry content into a text file and then save it as a reg file.
  2. Download the right reg file already created.

We’ll choose the second option as that’s easier and less prone to error.

  • Open the thread from this link.
  • At the top of the first message in the thread, click the link for” Restore Windows Photo Viewer In Windows 10″.
How to Preview Images in Windows 10 File Explorer?
How to Preview Images in Windows 10 File Explorer?
  • Scroll down the next page and click the Download button under Restore_Windows_Photo_Viewer_ALL_USERS.reg.
  • You should also download the file for the Undo_Restore_Windows_Photo_Viewer_CURRENT_USER.reg in case you ever want to undo the changes.

  • Double-click the reg file you downloaded and click Yes to the prompts for User Account Control and adding information to the Registry.
  • Return to File Explorer. Right-click on an image file and you should now see an Image Preview command in the popup menu.
  • Click that command to view the image in Windows Photo Viewer.

Now, you can find the friendly edition of Photo Viewer.


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