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How to choose a new domain name?

A domain name is as important as your brand name, so you should be accurate with choosing your new domain name that reflects your activity.

A good domain means more traffic and continuous visits because your web page will be easier to remember.

In general domain name is web designer responsibility, besides designing the website, he has to come up with a good name as well. But for me as an owner, shouldn’t I know How to choose a new domain?

How to choose a new domain name?

Getting a perfect domain becomes harder every day, that many of the domains which you could think of using are either used by another company or bought for profit by individuals or even other businesses.

Fortunately, there are some tips you can apply to any kind of website.

Buy a known extension: The three most used extensions in the world are .com, .net and .org. A domain name with one of these extensions might seem ideal for any kind of business.

In many cases when visitors can’t remember your website, they directly trie your company name with .com or .org or .net, many visitors don’t know much about other extensions.

Don’t use a free international domain such as .tk.

use a domain name that reflects your company activity: it would be good to use specific extension for example, if you sell shoes you could use “.shoes” extension.

Use location extension: location is as important as a famous extension, All countries have their domain extensions.

If you have a Danish company targeting only Danes, having a website ending in .com would make no sense when the option of having a .dk extension is easy to spot.

use hacks: there are many tools that can help you find possible combinations. For example. is probably the best one to use, as it gives you very many options at a simple search.

And the last step before Registering a New Domain Name Make sure it is not similar to the one of another company doing the same business as you do.


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