How to Use The New iPhone Alarm in iOS 14?

iPhone’s UI was totally changed with iOS 14 update, one of these changes is the Clock app and alarm design. Let’s see how to use the new iPhone alarm in iOS 14 and what happened to the Bedtime tab?

The new Clock app on iPhone with iOS 14 is simpler than the old one, but users may get confused with the new UI. So we’ll look at how to best use iPhone alarms as well where the Bedtime tab now lives and more.

Note: iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are available as free public betas and the fixed update doesn’t available yet.

How to Download iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Public Beta?

How to use the new iPhone alarm in iOS 14?

  • Open the Clock app.
  • Tap the “Alarm tab” at the bottom.
  • Tap the orange “+” icon in the top right corner or hit Edit in the top left corner and tap an existing one to modify it.
How to use the new iPhone alarm in iOS 14?
How to use the new iPhone alarm in iOS 14?
  • Use the number keypad at the bottom of the screen to enter your full alarm time (don’t tap the small orange time near the top, if you do, you’ll just be editing the hour)
  • You can leave out the 0 for hours between 1-9 (e.g. type 730 instead of 0730)

  • Don’t forget to check the AM/PM toggle (light gray box signals what is selected). AM for morning alarms and PM for late alarms.

Note: The new UI becomes confusing if you start by tapping the orange alarm time at the top of the edit/new alarm screen as it selects just the hour to be editable or just the minutes.

Where’s the Bedtime tab?

From the clock app, you will note that the Bedtime tab is gone, don’t worry apple didn’t miss it, just moved to the Health app.

Now, You’ll still see the Sleep | Wake Up alarm that is scheduled in the Alarm tab of the clock app but you’ll find that what used to be the Bedtime settings now live in the Health app.


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