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How TikTok Ban Will Affect Current Users?

If you are currently living in the U.S, you won’t be able to download TikTok’s app starting from today. It’s Trump administration’s decision to ban TikTok!

This ban decision wasn’t a surprise for TikTok’s owner company, as Trump administration talked about its fears from this app before, and now the U.S. Commerce Department attributes it to national concerns.

How TikTok Ban Will Affect Current Users?
How TikTok Ban Will Affect Current Users?

TikTok, owned by China-based ByteDance, previously had until Sept. 20 to sell its business, President Trump said. He has voiced concerns about the amount of data TikTok and other Chinese apps collect from U.S. users and the potential for the Chinese government to obtain that data.

The TikTok ban only prohibits new downloads of the app in the U.S. But what about the current 100 million U.S. app users?

How TikTok ban will affect current users?

According to the current decision, the ban only prohibits new downloads of the app in the U.S. which means the current users and the new users who downloaded the app before the deadline will still be able to use it on Sunday and beyond.

But this may not last long, the ban can be a complete shutter on Nov. 12. If TikTok does not meet the U.S. government’s demands to secure user data on its service.

On the other hand, this ban may make the app more vulnerable to hackers, as the users will not be able to update the app beginning Sept. 20, including security updates!

Will this ban kill TikTok being in the U.S?

If TikTok fails to meet the government’s demands, the federal government will impose a more comprehensive ban on Nov. 12.

It would prevent Internet hosting or data centre companies from providing service to TikTok, the Department of Commerce said on Friday, making it impossible for TikTok to operate in the U.S. The order also prevents network providers like AT&T and Verizon from allowing TikTok to use their networks.

Finally, TikTok is prohibited from operating in the U.S., even if repackaged under a different app or run on a different type of service using the same code.

So, yes this ban can be the end of TikTok being in the U.S.

On an optimistic side, TikTok and the U.S. may reach a deal by Nov. 12; in this case, all restrictions will be lifted. And you will be able to enjoy your favourite app with no fears.


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