Top Zoom Alternatives you can use instead?

in less than 2 months Zoom app become one of the most famous apps for video conferences. but this success didn’t last long because of security issues on the app, and many companies shifted to Zoom Alternatives.

On March 2020 Zoom saw a 225% increase in connections compared to the previous month, and data usage rose by an overwhelming 877% on the platform.  The main reason behind of Coronavirus witch forced big companies to work online from home.

However, a big security issue on the app has caused hesitation in Zoom’s popularity. Major companies including Google, SpaceX, and NASA have banned the use of Zoom across their staff. And many users stopped using the app and turned to other apps.

If you’re one of these users and searching for an alternative, we make you a list of Top Zoom Alternatives that can be used for video conferences.

Top Zoom Alternatives you can use instead

Top Zoom Alternatives you can use instead
Top Zoom Alternatives you can use instead

Skype meet now: Skype is a well known and old video chat platform. It supports up to 50 participants for free. Now the app offers the new Meet Now feature (which is accessed by choosing the “Meet Now” button on the left side of the app) that allows video conferencing.

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is the built-in video conferencing in Office 365. It’s a good choice for all companies. The low tier version allows support for up to 300 members, guest access, one-on-one and group video/audio calls, screen sharing, and shared files up to 10GB per team. The business plans, however, offer more.

Cisco Webex: Cisco Webex is a popular video conferencing platform that has a good free version. The free version has a significant amount to offer, with up to 100 participants for an unlimited time. It also features HD video, screen-sharing, and recording options.

Google meet: Google meet was previously available for those subscribing to Google’s paid service, G Suite. But now it’s available to the users of its free Gmail service. It offers an excellent meeting experience.

StarLeaf: StarLeaf is another known app for companies; it’s a platform for large companies. Now it’s offering its basic video and messaging product free Up to 20 participants

plus these apps, there are more Zoom Alternatives you can use like:


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