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How to turn off Facebook activity tracking?

Facebook tracking you, it’s a fact no one can deny and the app admits it. But there’s a way to control what F.B knows about you and even turn off Facebook activity tracking.

Earlier this year Facebook rolled out its Off-Facebook Activity tracker. This tool show users what Facebook knows about their activity on other sites outside Facebook as a list of the websites, apps, and real-life stores Facebook knows that they visited. And gives them the option to turn off that tracking.

How to turn off Facebook activity tracking?

  • Go to your Facebook settings, then select “Your Facebook Information.”
  • Under “Your Facebook Information,” select “Off-Facebook Activity.”

Otherwise, you can use this direct link Off-Facebook Activity settings page.

  • You will see some information explaining Facebook’s methods for tracking your activity outside the network. A banner will preview some of the websites and apps that Facebook knows you’ve used.
  • click manage your off-Facebook activity.
How to turn off Facebook activity tracking?
How to turn off Facebook activity tracking?

you will see a list of sites that shared your activity with Facebook in the past 180 days. Clicking “Clear History” will delete this information that Facebook has saved.

to stop Facebook from tracking you in the future:

  • you will see this popup window. click manage future activity.

  • Toggle the switch next to “Future Off-Facebook Activity” to turn it off.
How to turn off Facebook activity tracking?
How to turn off Facebook activity tracking?

Now, Facebook won’t save your future activity to your account. However, it doesn’t stop third parties from sending Facebook information about you.

according to Facebook information, you should know that before turning off Facebook activity tracking:

  • Turning off will disconnect your future activity. It may take 48 hours until it’s fully disconnected from your account.
  • We’ll still receive activity from the businesses and organisations you visit. It may be used for measurement purposes and to make improvements to our ads systems, but it will be disconnected from your account.
  • Your activity history will also be disconnected from your account.
  • You may be logged out of ‎Tapps you signed in with Facebook.‎
  • This will also prevent you from logging in to apps and websites with Facebook because your activity will be disconnected from your account.
  • You’ll still see the same number of ads. Your ad preferences and actions that you take on Facebook will be used to show you relevant ads.

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