Top WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugins 2020

2FA or two-factor authentication has proven its effectiveness to keep any account secure, if you don’t use it yet on your site, there are the best WordPress two-factor authentication Plugins to choose between.

2FA is an additional security feature that strengthens the process of user login. It demands a two-step process that requires two or three proofs of identity before granting access to any account.

For WordPress sites, there are many two-factor authentication plugins to keep every user’s login safe. Let’s see more details.

Top WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugins 2020

Top WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugins 2020
Top WordPress Two Factor Authentication Plugins 2020

Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Google always can be a good choice, Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is the most advanced WordPress two-factor authentication plugin.

It takes proactive steps against potential threats and provides multiple backup solutions to help users during severe attacks.

Advantages: support two-factor authentication via SMS, OTP sent by e-mail, software key, QR code, push notifications, shortcode for customized login pages, and identification of the device to avoid repeated attempts.

Disadvantages: doesn’t support WordPress multisite, authentication via phone call and YubiKey.

Shield WordPress Security

Shield WordPress Security is a free WordPress two-factor authentication Plugin that offers two ways of authenticating; e-mail and with YubiKey.

Advantages: The e-mail authentication offers two methods (IP address and cookies) that allow users to choose their preferred method.

Disadvantages: doesn’t support authentication via Google Authenticator, SMS, phone call, push notification, or QR code.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo Two-Factor Authentication is another advanced choice you can trust, it gives you full control over the users who could use 2FA.

Advantages: supports multiple user authentication methods, such as one-touch ID, the single password generated by the application, a unique password (OTP) sent by SMS, a phone call, or a hardware key such as YubiKey, SolidPass, etc.

Disadvantages: Does not support WordPress multisite, authentication via Google Authenticator, QR code, shortcodes to easily integrate two-factor authentication features into a page/widget.

Two Factor Authentication plugin

Two Factor Authentication plugin has a free and premium version, the free premium version allows you to enable 2FA-based on user roles.

It can be enabled or disabled for individual users and displays two-factor authentication on the login page only for authorized users.

It also allows the editing of front-end parameters via a shortcode and helps you display parameters without allowing users access to the dashboard.

Two Factor Authentication plugin supports the WooCommerce login form and the Theme My Login plugin allows you to customize login pages with two-factor authentication for users.

The premium version offers more features such as customized layouts, emergency backup codes, better control of the administration, user codes, and more.

besides this WordPress two-factor authentication Plugins we mentioned above, there are more good options like:


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